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Two piece blackhead, and blemish remover

The acne extractor kit futures to stainless steel pimple removal nippers. Each nipper is dual ended. The first nipper has a sharp needle on one end and an open loop on the other end. This tool is perfect for poking at a small hole on the pimple and extracting sebum with the other end. The second nipper has two different size open loops on each end, and it is great for extracting semen from blackheads. Both tools can be used on the nose, forehead, chin cheeks, and body acne. Ideal for personal or professional use. 

How to use: before using the extractor steam, the face or use a hot compress to soften the pours. Choose the right extracting tool. Disinfect tool in your hand, or wear gloves. Disinfect by rubbing acne pad over the air you want to treat.


Remove black head by centring the loop of extractor over the pimple you want to remove and the rock the tool from side to side, apply slight pressure. The blackhead in it’s entirely will be pulled out from the poor.

Remove whiteheads by first piercing the whitehead with the lanced to break it open. When the whitehead is broken, centred out with in the loop of the extractor in rock, the tool gently from side to side, playing, slight pressure until it’s pulled from this poor. In some cases, your skin will bleed slightly after using the extractor. Lightly pat your skin with guys to observe any blood.

To further prevent infection use additional rubbing alcohol or or acne patch to clean your face you should you should use the pads to clean and disinfect your extractor before storing it away. 


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