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Take me away to that little cabin in the woods.

Surrounding that little cabin are big ol’ jack pine trees that seem to seem to reach as high as they can into the sky. Each tree covered in small cones, no two alike.

Memories of being a kid and needing to collect each and very cone to take home to show Mom. The way they’d crackle when thrown into the woodstove.

We with a base of sandalwood, a hint of raspberry and just a tease of vanilla. To which we added middle and top notes of crisp, clean jack pine, This is one of those scents that came together slowly over time. A little bit of this, a little bit of that. What felt like a hundred test pours and burns. But when we got it right, it felt right. We fell in love and know that you will too. Get a fire going in that ol’ woodstove in your little cabin in the woods. Throw a couple pieces of pine in & enjoy getting cozy.

And what better way to enjoy this special scent than in our exclusive new Mexican enamelware.

It’s long been our goal to craft pieces that tell a story. That have heart and meaning. That are crafted with love and care by creatives. That are perfectly imperfect. That can be enjoyed for a lifetime.

Long fans of the old enamelware used by our grandparents and the generations before us, we discovered our pieces in Mexico City & instantly fell in love with the array of vintage inspired colours, durability and uniqueness of each piece. It took a bit of time to figure out how to get them here, but knew that we needed to find a way to share them with you.

Each limited edition piece has crafted for Farmer’s Son Co. in Mexico City, Mexico. All pieces are coated four times ensuring a durable finish, with accent details painted by hand.

Our enamelware is made for a lifetime and upon completion of your candle, wash by hand and you’ll have a cup that’s ready for camping trips, weekends at the cabins, Friday nights on the back porch or lazy mornings enjoying coffee in bed.

Pure soy wax

Fine fragrance oil

Cotton core wick

8oz enamel tumbler (mustard in colour) - 45 to 50 hour burn-time enjoyment

Food & beverage safe

Hand wash only

Enamelware is known for being unbreakable thanks to it’s durable properties. However, it may still chip or scratch over time, adding character.